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better support for fill values in non float dataarrays

parent c5fa3062
......@@ -24,7 +24,59 @@ CF_AUTHORITY = 'CF-1.7'
def default_fill_value(obj):
"""Returns the default fill value for a specific type"""
if isinstance(obj, numpy.dtype):
dtype = obj
elif isinstance(obj, (str, type)):
dtype = numpy.dtype(obj)
elif isinstance(obj, numpy.ndarray):
dtype = obj.dtype
raise TypeError("Unexpected object type: ", type(obj), obj)
if == 'int16':
return -32768
elif == 'uint16':
return 65535
elif == 'int8':
return -128
elif == 'uint8':
return 255
def get_masked_values(data, fill_value, silent=False):
"""fix masked values. Required as xarray data can't store masked values
or nan for non-float types"""
if (fill_value is not None
and not in [
'float16', 'float32', 'float64', 'complex64', 'complex128',
' datetime64']
and not numpy.issubdtype(data.dtype, numpy.datetime64)):
if (isinstance(data, (, numpy.ndarray))
or data is None):
# mask fill values for int types
data =, fill_value, copy=False)
elif not silent:
'values equal to {} are marked as missing values'
return data
def set_masked_values(data, fill_value):
"""replace masked values with fill value. Required as xarray data can't
store masked values or nan for non-float types"""
if (fill_value is not None
and not in [
'float16', 'float32', 'float64', 'complex64', 'complex128',
' datetime64']
and not numpy.issubdtype(data.dtype, numpy.datetime64)):
if isinstance(data, (, numpy.ndarray)):
# mask fill values for int types
return data.filled(fill_value)
return data
def default_profile(
......@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ import shapely.geometry
import xarray as xr
from ..cfconvention import (
default_profile, default_fill_value, CF_AUTHORITY, DEFAULT_TIME_UNITS
default_profile, default_fill_value, CF_AUTHORITY, DEFAULT_TIME_UNITS,
from .field import Field
......@@ -997,12 +998,16 @@ class Dataset(ABC):
return Field(self._std_dataset[fieldname], fieldname, dataset=self)
def add_field(self, field: 'Field') -> None:
def add_field(self, field: 'Field', force_index: bool = True) -> None:
"""Add a field to the feature.
field: the field is provided as a
:class:`~cerbere.dataset.field.Field` object
force_index: if the added field contains an index coordinate with
the same name as the dataset, replace the values with those of
the dataset (otherwise only the field values for which the index
values of the field and the dataset are the same will be added).
if in self.fieldnames:
raise Exception(
......@@ -1011,8 +1016,15 @@ class Dataset(ABC):
dataarr = field.to_dataarray(silent=True)
# if some indexes are existing in the dataset, ensure the values are
# the same
for idx in dataarr.indexes:
if idx in self._std_dataset.indexes and force_index:
dataarr = dataarr.reset_index(idx, drop=True)
self._std_dataset = self._std_dataset.assign(
{ field.to_dataarray()}
{ dataarr}
except ValueError:
# an error cas when for instance an index (like time) has masked
......@@ -1095,6 +1107,9 @@ class Dataset(ABC):
def get_field_fillvalue(self, fieldname: str) -> Any:
"""Returns the missing value of a field"""
if fieldname in self.coordnames:
return self.get_coord(fieldname).fill_value
return self.get_field(fieldname).fill_value
def get_values(self,
......@@ -1183,9 +1198,13 @@ class Dataset(ABC):
*(list(rearranged_dims)), transpose_coords=True)
if not as_masked_array:
return values
return get_masked_values(
return values.to_masked_array(copy=False)
return get_masked_values(
def set_values(
......@@ -1486,11 +1505,15 @@ class Dataset(ABC):
if isinstance(self.dataset, Dataset):
return self.dataset.extract(
index=index, fields=fields, padding=padding,
prefix=prefix, deep=deep, **kwargs
prefix=prefix, deep=deep, **kwargs)
if fields is None:
fields = self._varnames
# remove possible duplicates
fields = list(set(fields))
if index is None:
subset = self.dataset[fields]
......@@ -120,8 +120,22 @@ class Field(object):
if name is not None and not isinstance(name, str):
raise TypeError('name must be a string')
# dtype
if data is None:
if dtype is None:
raise ValueError(
"If you don't provide any data, you must at least "
"provide a datatype"
if dtype is None:
dtype = data.dtype
# fill value
if fillvalue is None:
fillvalue = cf.default_fill_value(dtype)
if isinstance(data, xr.DataArray):
self._array = data
self._array = cf.set_masked_values(data, fillvalue)
# create the DataArray from the provided information
......@@ -133,25 +147,24 @@ class Field(object):
if data is None:
# create default array
if dtype is None:
raise ValueError(
"If you don't provide any data, you must at least "
"provide a datatype"
if not isinstance(dims, OrderedDict):
raise TypeError(
"dimensions should be provided with their size in a "
data =
tuple(dims.values()), dtype)
data = data
data =, dtype)
# instantiate the xarray representation
kwargs['dims'] = list(dims)
kwargs['attrs'] = attrs
self._array = xr.DataArray(data, name=name, **kwargs)
# fix for xarray to keep the data type : replace masked values
# with fill values
self._array = xr.DataArray(
cf.set_masked_values(data, fillvalue),
name=name, **kwargs)
# Overrides DataArray object when conflicts with the superceding
# arguments
......@@ -201,10 +214,11 @@ class Field(object):
return Field(data=data)
def to_dataarray(self) -> 'xr.DataArray':
def to_dataarray(self, silent=False) -> 'xr.DataArray':
"""Return the field values a xarray DataArray"""
if self.dataset is None:
return self._array
return cf.get_masked_values(
self._array, self.fill_value, silent=silent)
return self.dataset.get_values(,
......@@ -543,11 +557,12 @@ class Field(object):
if self.dataset is None:
self._read_dataarray(self._array, **allkwargs)
data =
self._read_dataarray(self._array, **allkwargs))
return self.dataset.get_values(, **allkwargs)
data = self.dataset.get_values(, **allkwargs)
return cf.get_masked_values(data, self.fill_value)
def _read_dataarray(
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ class NCDataset(Dataset):
return super().__init__(
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