Commit 5924936f authored by PIOLLE's avatar PIOLLE
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added random field in output filename

parent 4daf221a
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ import os
import argparse
import importlib
from datetime import datetime
import random
import string
from netCDF4 import num2date
......@@ -70,16 +72,7 @@ def instantiate_features(srcproduct,
srcmapper.center_on_greenwhich = True
source.load(srcmapper, view=srcslices)
#if srcslices:
# source = source.extract_subset(slices=srcslices)
print "SLICES", srcslices, targetslices
target.load(targetmapper, view=targetslices)
#if targetslices:
# target = target.extract_subset(slices=targetslices)
print source.get_geolocation_dimsizes()
print target.get_geolocation_dimsizes()
return source, target
......@@ -185,9 +178,13 @@ def resample(srcfeature,
if filename is None:
srcname = srcfeature.get_mapper().get_basename()
randomcode = ''.join(random.SystemRandom().choice(
string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits)
for _ in range(6))
fname = os.path.join(outdir,
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