Commit 3714d9c6 authored by CEVAER's avatar CEVAER
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Force NETCDF4_CLASSIC format

parent 4dd47e55
......@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ def extract_write_cyclone_data(dataset, kept_track_points, filename, output_path
out = os.path.join(output_path, str(year), doy)
os.makedirs(out, exist_ok=True)
sel.to_netcdf(os.path.join(out, output_filename))
sel.to_netcdf(os.path.join(out, output_filename), format="NETCDF4_CLASSIC")
def process_file(session, file, output_path, extract_date_func, attrs_to_del, var_to_del, wind_col,
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