Commit 4de010ce authored by CEVAER's avatar CEVAER
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Removed prints

parent 80dbad5a
......@@ -1011,8 +1011,6 @@ def distance_to_polyg(point, polyg, neg_if_inside=True):
# inside the polygon. To prevent that, you can convert the Polygon to a linestring using polygon.boundary.
pts = nearest_points(point, polyg)
geod = Geod(ellps='WGS84')
print("dist", point.x, point.y, pts[1].x, pts[1].y, pts[0].x, pts[0].y)
fas, baz, distance = geod.inv(point.x, point.y, pts[1].x, pts[1].y)
if neg_if_inside:
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