Commit 54bb82e7 authored by CEVAER's avatar CEVAER
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Fix inversion between wind and rad

parent be3693c7
......@@ -109,8 +109,8 @@ def save_netcdf(sat_file, path, center_status, percent_outside, percent_inside_i
radii_nmi = []
for w in wind_vals:
wind_r, radius_w = radius_for_wind(wind_mean, w, idx_max)
radii_nmi.append(wind_r * 0.000539957)
radii_nmi.append(radius_w * 0.000539957)
ds_polar_north[f"radii_ms_{quad}"] = xr.DataArray(data=[vmax, rmax, radii[0], radii[1], radii[2]], attrs={
"long_name": f"Vmax, Rmax, R64, R50, R34 for {quad} quadrant(s) wind speed mean.",
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