Commit 74bdadac authored by cponcele's avatar cponcele
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Fix clear button bug in nc_explorer

parent 796e3dd2
%% Cell type:code id:4f215451-f873-47a3-b0cf-efe39f21f1ea tags:
``` python
from SonarWidget import NCExplorer
from nc_explorer_widgets import NCExplorer
%% Cell type:code id:30ae36d9-cfe8-4245-80b4-fda078680de5 tags:
``` python
......@@ -72,13 +72,15 @@ class DimensionsSelector:
class AppLayout2:
"""Composite handling layout of all widgets"""
def clear_output(self,event=None):
def clear_all(self):
def clear_all(self, event=None):
"""clean up widgets"""
self.plt_button.disabled = True
self.plt_button.description = "plot selection"
self.content_text.value = "Empty content"
def __init__(self, top=None): = top
......@@ -96,7 +98,7 @@ class AppLayout2:
self.plt_button.disabled = True
clear_button = Button(description="clear")
self.content_plt = Output(layout={"border": "1px solid black"})
plt_toolbox = HBox((self.plt_button, clear_button))
self.plt_dimension_selector = DimensionsSelector()
plt_widget = VBox(
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