Commit 267c90ab authored by GROUAZEL's avatar GROUAZEL

to respect redirect proposed by DCF

parent 27619e34
#!/usr/bin/env bash
#PBS -l walltime=28:30:00
#PBS -l mem=400M
#PBS -l mem=300M
#PBS -N S1l2spectragen
#PBS -m n
# this pbs is used for reprocessing of png L2 sentinel1 wv (images displayed in xwaves app)
......@@ -16,4 +16,6 @@ export PYTHONPATH=/home1/datahome/satwave/sources_en_exploitation2/mpc/qualitych
which python
echo 'input of pbs' $1
echo $* | python /home1/datahome/satwave/sources_en_exploitation2/wavetoolbox/ --style v3
echo $* | python /home1/datahome/satwave/sources_en_exploitation2/wavetoolbox/ --style v3 >& ${outoutlog}
......@@ -3,8 +3,19 @@
echo 'attention le job prun va commencer'
echo 'fasten your seat belt, the job will start in a minute'
#python /home1/datahome/agrouaze/git/wavetoolbox/ -q -g -b 20140101 -e 20141231 -p S1A -s SAT -r -o $listing --version-outputdir V3
echo 'dollar1 '$1
if [ "$1" = 'list' ]; then
echo 'redo input listing '
. /appli/anaconda/2.7/etc/profile.d/
conda activate /home1/datawork/agrouaze/conda_envs/py3_dev_datawork/
python /home1/datahome/agrouaze/git/wavetoolbox/ -q -g -b 20150101 -e 20151231 -p S1A -s SAT -r -o $listing --version-outputdir V3
conda deactivate
echo 'no listing to redo'
echo $listing
/appli/prun/bin/prun --split-max-jobs=200 --mem=401m --name S1l2spectragen --max-time=28:30:00 --background -e /home1/datahome/satwave/sources_en_exploitation2/wavetoolbox/create_sentinel1_spectra_l2_png.pbs $listing
/appli/prun/bin/prun --split-max-jobs=100 --mem=301m --name S1l2spectragen --max-time=28:30:00 --background -e /home1/datahome/satwave/sources_en_exploitation2/wavetoolbox/create_sentinel1_spectra_l2_png.pbs $listing
echo 'va voir dans les logs '
echo 'ou bien va voir ici /home/datawork-cersat-public/project/mpc-sentinel1/data/esl/ifremer/aggregation_L2/'
\ No newline at end of file
echo 'ou bien va voir ici /home/datawork-cersat-public/project/mpc-sentinel1/data/esl/ifremer/aggregation_L2/'
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Purpose: exploit script data driven L2 to produce xspec
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