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    [fix] Better local dates handling, mainly fixed by using java.time.LocalDate,... · cb65b561
    PECQUOT authored
    [fix] Better local dates handling, mainly fixed by using java.time.LocalDate, Date only data (like applied periods) are correctly get/set with database timezone (Mantis #44581)
    [fix] On survey validation, the previous comment is retrieved from VALIDATION_HISTORY table (Mantis #44300)
    [enh] Taxon groups are filtered by 'Identification' type only (Mantis #45149)
    [fix] The cache 'taxon_name_by_taxon_group_id' now use a LocalDate and is refresh every day (Mantis #45383 and #45397)
    [enh] Add the taxon citation on every taxon name (Mantis #45051)
    [fix] Delete obsolete control rules (ex: a standard rule isEmpty is changed to a precondition rule, the first rule must be delete) (Mantis #45374)
    [enh] on Rules UI, add a selection criteria on controlled program (Mantis #44572)
    [fix] Fix Control rule bad behavior after deselection (Mantis #45309)
    [fix] Fix Control rule duplication (Mantis #45306)
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