Commit 70d19d1f authored by LAVENIER's avatar LAVENIER
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[fix] CI: Fix deploy repository

parent 11c3355e
......@@ -170,11 +170,10 @@ sonarqube:
- git config --global "${GITLAB_USER_NAME}"
- git reset --hard develop
- git fetch origin
- git checkout develop
- echo "Preparing release..."
- git branch -D release/$RELEASE_VERSION || true
- git status
- git checkout develop && git status
- mvn -s ./ci_settings.xml -B gitflow:release-start --batch-mode -DreleaseVersion="$RELEASE_VERSION"
- echo "Performing release..."
- mvn clean install -s ./ci_settings.xml --batch-mode -DperformRelease -DskipTests
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