Commit 85ff7aad authored by BRUVRY-LAGADEC's avatar BRUVRY-LAGADEC 💻
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define UID and GID for user to run on ISIVAL environment

parent 5013117b
......@@ -9,11 +9,13 @@ COPY ${WAR_FILE} /app/app.war
COPY ${CONFIG_FILES} /app/config/
# container user managment
ENV USERNAME="sumaris_user" \
# TODO : remove touch when logfile location will be overwrite
USERID="20001" \
GROUPNAME="sumaris" \
# TODO : remove when logfile will be overwrite
RUN touch sumaris.log.file_IS_UNDEFINED
RUN groupadd $GROUPNAME \
&& useradd -g $GROUPNAME $USERNAME \
&& useradd -g $GROUPNAME -u $USERID $USERNAME \
&& chown -R $USERNAME:$GROUPNAME /app \
&& chown -R $USERNAME:$GROUPNAME sumaris.log.file_IS_UNDEFINED
# TODO : do we have to force user ?? (USER $USERNAME)
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