Commit f8a03b06 authored by BRUVRY-LAGADEC's avatar BRUVRY-LAGADEC 💻
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chown /app/logs and /app/data dirs

parent c4b6f101
......@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ USER ${USERNAME}:${GROUPNAME}
# Copy files
RUN chmod +x /app/
RUN mkdir -p /app/logs
RUN mkdir -p /app/data
RUN mkdir -p /app/logs && chown ${USERNAME}:${GROUPNAME} /app/logs
RUN mkdir -p /app/data && chown ${USERNAME}:${GROUPNAME} /app/data
COPY --chown=${USERNAME}:${GROUPNAME} ${WAR_FILE} /app/app.war
COPY --chown=${USERNAME}:${GROUPNAME} ${CONFIG_FILES} /app/config/
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